About Amity Veterinary Care

It began with an idea that a veterinary practice could be different, a bit more client friendly and that it could become an ideal, more than just a place for people to come to see the vet when their pets were sick while providing a high level of veterinary care in a dedicated first opinion practice. Pet care is assumed to be excellent and taken for granted but sometimes the client experience is not as up to par.

It had to be something different. At Amity Veterinary Care, views, ideas and protocols are constantly challenged and questioned to make sure that things happen for a reason, that things make sense rather than just following convention.

The waiting room will be void of promotional posters and looking clinical, instead, the decoration will be sympathetic to nature and earth. Also, the client experience will be different. The usual queue at the reception for booking in and paying after seeing the vet will be improved. We understand sometimes it can be quite stressful at the vets after bringing in a sick pet, taking time to queue to get booked in, seeing the vet and waiting for the reception to be free to pay and collect medications, etc. At Amity Veterinary Care, after seeing the vet, you will not need to go to the reception again for payment, making another appointment or collecting drugs. Instead, you will have a dedicated assistant to be with you to collect the monies, explain the medication to you and even make another appointment.

At Amity Veterinary Care, huge emphasis is placed on staff training and teaching. We consider it a privilege, not an entitlement to have employees. There will at least 2 hours on a Monday every month dedicated to staff teaching. Knowledge will be imparted, experienced and shared on a regular basis. Energy and time will be dedicated into constructive staff Continual Professional Development. Each member of staff will understand and recognise their value and worth both in the workplace and in the world. Please refer to The Training for further information.

The very existence of Amity Veterinary Care will be driven by the desire to uphold the above beliefs.

Our aims are reflected by our Mission Statement and Core Values; however, our progress of our achievements is monitored by your experience. Please take time to visit us and we value any feedback and comments from you.