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A big hello to everyone and welcome to our Autumn newsletter. After a lovely summer the leaves are starting to drop and the nights are coming faster, we are already in October! Carry on reading to find out what’s been happening here at Amity.
If Carlsberg did vets…

Here at Amity Veterinary Care we pride ourselves on giving our clients and their pets the best possible experience and care. Check out some of our latest reviews to see how we are making a difference!

“As a person that keeps many reptiles, I was worried about finding a vet who could treat my Chinese Beauty snake. Lennon has lots of experience with Exotics unlike many vets, I’m very happy to have found this place”

“The care Blueberry received was second to none! The practice was warm welcoming and so friendly”

“Really impressed with Lennon and staff who not only make my dog Noodle feel at home but us also. It is a fantastic environment for all animals and the facilities are second to none. Noodle recently had a hernia repair and castration, which caused no problem or stress to Noodle. He has recovered very quickly with superb after care by Lennon and staff. I would highly recommend Lennon if you want the best for your pets. Brilliant practice.”

To see more reviews click here or have a look at our Facebook page. We always love to hear how you have found our services as it helps us to continue to grow. If you would like to leave us a review you can either visit our website or Facebook or send us an email.

 Dr Lennon Foo is trained in the ancient art of acupuncture; a type of pain therapy originating from China that has been practiced for over 2000 years. Acupuncture can produce fantastic results for various medical conditions to help relieve pain and to greatly improve your pet’s quality of life. Patients start with dry needling and are then gently progressed to electro-pulse acupuncture (when indicated) over a few sessions. Usually 4-6 treatments are performed. In some cases this can resolve problems entirely, for others they may need a top up to maintain the therapeutic effect.
Call and speak to Lennon to find out how acupuncture can help your pet. More information can also be found here
Quick he’s escaped!
Joey couldn’t resist a quick look at our care range, they really are that good! We have just highlighted a few below that may help your pet at this time of year.
Joint care has got the best concentration of ingredients compared to similar products on the market. It has food for the joints, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, all of which can really help your older pet through the colder months which typically can make them stiff and achy. Along with this we also have our Ultra EFA. This product is great for pets of any age. It helps with osteoarthritis, skin and coat conditioning and much more! If your pet is becoming stressed with the 5 th of November fireworks fear not! Calm care is a ‘magic’ capsule full of natural calming ingredients including valerian root and cat nip, designed to help relax your pet and take the stress away. I am sure we could all do with one of those with (dare we say it?) Christmas just around the corner!
These are just a handful of our care range. If you would like any more info, just speak to one of the team!
A visit to the dentist
We recently had the pleasure of looking after Lorraine’s beloved cat Louie when he came for a dental. Lorraine was super nervous about him having a general anaesthetic, but knew that his teeth needed a good clean! As she sat nervously biting nails at the front desk, Lennon gave Louie’s teeth a good clean and extracted just a few of the teeth which were beyond saving. The top picture is the before and the bottom picture is the after. You may just be able to see Louie’s little face under the blanket. Black cats rule! Just like with us humans our pets teeth need looking after too. Bad teeth does not just mean smelly breath it can also have a damaging effect on our pets insides with constant bacteria being ingested. Brushing our cats and dogs teeth is the best way to keep teeth healthy. Regular six monthly check ups with the vet can also help by discovering  tartar early before it gets to a point where it is causing health issues.
Tortoise Hibernation
With Summer ending and Autumn beginning many tortoise owners are beginning to think about hibernation. It can be very daunting if you are hibernating for the first time. Just remember hibernation is part of a tortoises natural seasonal cycle with careful planning successful hibernation can take place. If you would like information on how to hibernate your tortoise pop into the practice for one of our hibernation checklist leaflets. We also recommend a health check with a vet pre- and post-hibernation. If during hibernation you are at all concerned remember Lennon is just a call away.

If you have any pictures that you would like us to feature in our next newsletter send them in!

Hope to see you all soon,

Best wishes,
Amity Team


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