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Exotic vets in Newton Abbot

exotic vets in newton abbot

Amity Veterinary Care is proud to be able to provide experienced exotic vets in Newton Abbot. I have been interested in exotics since I was young and now get to work on them in a professional capacity!

Where other vets may not wish to work with these amazing creatures, I have embraced them and their diversity.

As a result, there are not many small/exotic/furry/scaly/feathered creatures great and small that I have not worked with. Ranging from the more ordinary guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, mice and rats; to the more unusual parrots and chickens; and on to the far more unusual snakes, lizards, tortoises and salamanders. They are all family!

In addition, I spent 18 months as a volunteer veterinary surgeon at Paignton Zoo. An incredible experience which meant I could indulge my passion to the extreme: sedating bongos, medicating 10ft long pythons, anaesthetising 300kg gorillas – all in a day’s work!

Now I can bring this experience to you and your pets. Amity Vets can provide medical and surgical treatment, health checks, dietary advice, husbandry advice, medical diagnostics, blood and urine tests. In addition, both x-ray and ultrasound are available in practice.

We can advise on neutering and seasonal checks for rabbits and guinea pigs. Also, we provide pre- and post-hibernation checks for tortoises.

Whether you own a peacock like Kim Kardashian or a Capuchin monkey like Bieber, if you have an exotic, give me a call – I challenge you to find a species I haven’t worked with before!

We love exotics! Family matters.

Lennon Foo GPCert (SAM) BVetMed MRCVS

“My first visit to Amity with Billy, my African Grey parrot, was first class. It exceeded expectations! The whole experience was lovely as soon as you walked in with friendly service and very professional. Lennon took great care of explaining things and offering advice.”
– Dawn T,  

“Took my crested gecko to amity vets as they were highly recommended for reptile care. Was very impressed with the knowledge Lennon had for reptiles and did everything he could to help my crestie.”
– Megan H,