We offer Joint Care which is a chewable, beef flavoured supplement tablet, which helps maintain healthy joints in dogs and cats. The tablets are easy to administer; they can either be broken and mixed in with food, or simply given as a treat.

Joint Care is designed to support osteoarthritic and post-surgical joint structures, and can be used safely in combination with prescription medication, with no known side effects. The product contains veterinary leading ingredients, including natural anti-inflammatories, at optimum levels to help maintain joint function and support the joint, rather than just treating signs of pain and inflammation.

For use with the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritic Joints
  • Post joint surgery rehabilitation
  • Joint and Ligament injuries
  • Back pain and disc lesions
  • OCD and cartilage lesions
  • Large & giant breed puppies

You can purchase by calling 01626 247888 or emailing us on friends@amityvets.com


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