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Hello and welcome to our Spring newsletter. Coming up we have a few progress updates from our last newsletter and some exciting stories for you. Make yourself a brew, sit back and enjoy!
The tide has turned…..
We opened in 2017 with a different approach to how a veterinary practice could be run. Now we are taking that to the next level by being the first practice in the UK where each customer has their own Personal Care Nurse (PCN) to take care of them and their pet. “What is a Personal Care Nurse?” I hear you ask? Well, a PCN will get to know you and understand you better. They will be your primary carer, act as your mentor and also play devil’s advocate for you with the vet. Each PCN is trained in both office and clinical tasks so they can attend to your needs completely.In addition, we are now a members only practice. As a veterinary team, we want to provide the best service we can. Our sole focus is to help you and your pets by offering the best there is to offer, more than just an outlet for flea treatments and wormers.If you haven’t already seen it, here is our Amity book which explains in more detail.
From the day we get our pets they become a member of the family. No matter how big or small, they have a mega impact on our life. When the time comes to say goodbye, it is never an easy decision. As a veterinary team we do our best to make it as calm and peaceful for both the owner and their special friend.Here we pay tribute to an amazing elderly lady called Mindi. Her owners would like us to share this with you.
“Rob and I would like to thank you (Lennon) for providing the best possible care for both of our cats. We lost Molly(17 years old, black cat)a couple of years ago and more recently her sister Mindi (19 years old, grey cat). In both situations, you kindly came to our house where we could say our goodbyes in the comfort of our own home whilst cuddling them to sleep. It really meant so much to us. We would like to thank you for the sympathy card and flowers you sent us afterwards.”
Key hole
At Amity Veterinary Care Lennon is trained to perform key hole surgery for various surgeries including to spay bitches. Why choose key hole? Key hole surgery (otherwise known as laparoscopy) uses minimally invasive techniques making a much faster recovery time for the patient. When we see our patients back 2 days after the surgery, usually no pain is reported and the only struggle seems to be is keeping the dog still!Under general anaesthetic, 2 small 1cm incisions are made compared to a 5-10cm incison in an open spay. The abdomen is inflated using medical grade CO2. The ovaries and uterus are carefully examined under bright illumination and magnification with a tiny camera. We can also examine the other organs to make sure all is healthy. Providing the uterus is healthy on examination just the ovaries are removed leaving the uterus to shrink in size eventually. Under the skin, dissolvable sutures are used to close the surgical sites. 99% of patients are up and wanting to go out for a walk within a couple of hours after the surgery. No pain relief is sent home with patients as it is not usually needed.In conclusion, key hole spays are preferred as it enables a faster recovery with minimal pain.
We first met Tilly back in October when she came to us feeling slightly under the weather. Once her owners had nursed her back to health they decided that they wanted to investigate a few growths that had appeared on her thigh.It was discovered that the masses were low grade mast cells tumours. It meant that the masses were likely to be locally invasive but unlikely to spread to other organs. After hearing the results Tilly’s owner’s promptly decided to remove the masses. Lennon removed the two masses on Tilly’s leg with wide margins to ensure the masses was removed in full. He used the same special suture technique seen on Isabella (in our last newsletter) to make sure the closure had no tension. Tilly recovered well from her anaesthetic and was able to return home later that day. The histopathology results indicated that the masses had been completely removed.As you can see from the pictures, the surgical site looked rather sore after the surgery but in just over two weeks Tilly has had her stitches removed and is looking much happier. Her owners are delighted to have the old Tilly back!
A catch up with Spike
Spike featured in our winter newsletter after he had an operation to remove a large lump removed from his leg. When we wrote the last article on Spike he was recovering well and was back to his normal self however he did still have his stitches in. Healing is much slower in reptiles compared to cats or dogs. For example in a cat it would take 10-14 days for the skin to fully heal. In a reptile such as Spike it takes up to 8 weeks. As you can see from the picture Spike has now had his stitches removed and to the delight of his owners has had the all-clear from Lennon. A big hip hip hooray for Spike!
Vet, Camera Action!
We have a website, newsletter, Facebook and Instagram. Now we have YouTube! Have you ever wanted to see more behind the scenes action? To give our clients a better understanding of what happens in the practice we have created a YouTube channel, Amity Veterinary Care. We will also be shooting useful videos for example how to tablet a cat  Here is the link to our YouTube channel Click here! ! Don’t forget to subscribe and share.
Thinking Dogs

For the first time in South Devon, Thinking Dogs in collaboration with Amity Veterinary Care have organised a series of 6 one and a half hour talks delivered by experts in their field, they will update your knowledge, challenge the latest beliefs and fortify the current thoughts. It will be an intimate setting where questions will be answered as part of the sessions. Originally intended for professionals only, this seminar is now made available to any interested dog owners. It will not only expand your thinking and knowledge and also enable to have a better understanding of your faithful companion. There are only 40 spaces and there is currently an early bird discount. Click here for more details!

That is all for this edition. If you enjoy being a part of the Amity Family and feel your friend will benefit from our service, why not refer us to them now?
If you want to get in touch, please send us an email at, a message on our Facebook page or give us a call on 01626 247888.



  1. What Lennon has put in the spring newsletter takes a lot of time and thought, the fact that the girls who work there do a wonderful job you are treated like a person. there is one other thing I think is great and that is all who work at the vet’s, are trained in that they are able to assist the pet owner and this helps any person going to any vets feel more relaxed. as well as the animal they are treating. I would like to say a very big thank you for the way that they have treated Tilly and got her back to her old happy self that is of course if Missy the devil cat isn’t sneaking up on Tilly and attacking her we would never be without either of our animals. I thank you one and all at the Amity, Veterinary service and wish you all a very happy future.

    • Thank you so much Andrew for your kind words! It is an absolute pleasure treating Tilly. She is such a wonderful dog. And not fogetting Missy of course, the little madam! 🙂

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