Goings on at Amity Veterinary Care this Summer

Come and see what the buzz is about!

Our services range from complete preventative health care to advanced procedures like laparoscopic (minimal invasive or keyhole surgery). We have performed numerous keyhole spays, resulting in less post-operative pain for the pet and more satisfaction for the owner. We continually aim to improve our service for our clients. For those who have not joined us, we welcome you to come along and see what the buzz is about!

Since we have opened, we have slowly but surely grown. We have now over 70 clients and it is always a pleasure to see their wonderful pets! Apart from dogs and cats, we see a huge variety of other pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, bearded dragons and a conversational parrot! We have received numerous wonderful and encouraging comments from satisfied owners regarding the great experience they have had with us. Thank you!

A big welcome to the new members of our team!

Lorraine on the right joined the Amity team in May 2017 having retrained in the veterinary profession (her previous incarnation was as a Chartered Librarian for 15 years).
Lorraine loves animals and has a black fluffy rescue cat called Louie.

Charlotte on the left joined in July 2017 she has always dreamed of working with and caring for animals.
Charlotte absolutely adores her pets; Ebony the Lionhead rabbit and Jazzy the Horsefield Tortoise.
She is a very friendly and passionate person who loves a good laugh!

Hot dogs!

In hot stuffy cars dogs cannot cool themselves down, even with the windows open. Heatstroke can be fatal to dogs.

Never leave your dog alone in a car – if it’s 22°C outside, it can get to 47°C inside the car within 60 minutes.


Take care in the summer sun…
Keep your pets in the shade!

For feline lovers!

We understand how sensitive our furry feline friends can be so we have dedicated a consulting room just for them! Not only are the cats allowed to roam the room during the consultation, they even have a place to climb up! Come check us out! Meow!

Come and see us at:

The Christow Show
Christow Recreation Field
Saturday 19th August

Bishopsteignton Village Show
Saturday 2nd September & Sunday 3rd September

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Hopefully you already know we have a Facebook page but if not please feel free to go and have a look at it, better still if you would be so kind as to leave us a review we would be very grateful. We ALWAYS appreciate any opinions on how we can improve our service for you, so don’t be shy!

Come and have a tour of the practice. Everyone’s welcome!

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