Our Amity Veterinary Care team

At Amity Veterinary Care, we believe that the team is our greatest asset.

Every personnel at Amity Veterinary Care has been carefully selected from a rigorous interview process placing attitude and mind-set as the most important criteria above paper qualifications. Following hire, they are then trained in various aspects that are required to become part of the team. Please see The Training for more details.

Working at AVC will not just a job, it will become a lifestyle. It is a continually learning process about the profession and life.

Time, effort and money will be invested in personnel development. As much as we like the team to stay permanent, we are aware that some may leave eventually but hopefully, they will leave as better people looking for better jobs. They will be recognised as making a difference to the practice, to other people’s lives, not just a number or a cog in the machine.

They will learn about the profession as a whole. They will learn about the workings of the practice, not just their job, being able to appreciate the whole of the practice.

Knowledge will be shared among vets such that it is a continual learning process.

Assistants will be encouraged to learn, understand and facilitate ongoing medical as well as surgical conditions. Working as receptionists, they will understand how important their jobs are and appreciate being the practice’s front line.

Roles can be replaced but every person is individual and irreplaceable.

Team training plays a large role in the idea of Amity Veterinary Care. At least 4 hours every month will be dedicated to training.

Training topics vary from learning basic skills/tricks of the trade of effective veterinary nursing, how to be an effective engaging receptionist to meditation and mindfulness exercises. Exploration and discussions of current topics in the veterinary industry will be encouraged as well.

The focus will be to maximise the potential of each individual in delivering the best service to the clients and the patients while achieving personal growth in doing so.

Apart from Dr Lennon Foo leading most sessions, industry experts will be invited to share their knowledge as well.

When possible, national and international conferences/congresses will be attended as well.


Dr. Lennon Foo GPCert (SAM) BVetMed MRCVS

Veterinary surgeon

Dr Lennon Foo GPCert (SAM) MRCVS qualified from The Royal Veterinary College in 2004.

After a brief spell of mixed practice, he has been practicing small animal medicine since. He spent 18 months volunteering his services in Paignton Zoo, fulfilling his interest in exotic and wild-life medicine. He is a keen surgeon, capable of performing most soft tissue surgical procedures and basic orthopaedic surgery. He has also studied and has been practicing veterinary acupuncture since 2008, mainly for chronic or post-operative pain management.

Lennon obtained his General Practitioner Certificate in Small Animal Medicine in 2010, allowing greater understanding and improved treatment options for medical cases. Since then, he has developed a keen interest in laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive techniques).

When he is not working, his time is spent with his lovely wife and their 4 children!


Charlie Rice

Charlie joined the team in November 2017 to begin training in the veterinary profession after previous roles in gardening and zoo keeping.

Charlie has a lifelong passion for animals having kept a variety of different pets from small cute cuddly creatures to big scary monsters; she loves them all. She currently has a rabbit called Barnaby, a tortoise called Nelson and three dogs; Fern, Mystzy and Flo.

Outside is where Charlie spends most of her free time walking the dogs, gardening or helping with the family’s enterprises. She would one day love to own enough land to rescue as many unwanted pets as possible and give them a loving home.


Sophie Gardner

After exploring several careers in television production and jewellery making, Sophie has decided that working with animals and making a difference is her true calling!

Sophie lives with her partner Phil and their Springer cross Cocker spaniel Rosie in the wonderful yet quirky town that is Totnes.  She loves spending time with both people and animals… but probably more so the latter if she really had to choose! In her spare time, she enjoys the great outdoors, whatever the weather! Coastal walks and kayaking are the favourites. She also loves to try and keep fit with body balance classes and spinning classes. Having said that, she equally cannot resist curling up on the sofa with a good film, TV program or book, and a good snack. Balance is key after all!

Her absolute dream is to be able to one day afford to jet set off around the world and help out in various animal sanctuaries; spending time with orangutans, elephants and turtles. She would always plan to return to Devon after though, as home is where the heart is!