The Naughty List


At Christmas, we are all guilty of a bit of festive indulgence and wanting to spoil our pets is only natural.

We all know that chocolate is harmful to our dogs; however being aware of other dangerous foods that may affect an animal’s digestive system is very important.

Here is a list of other foods that you should avoid giving to your pets.

-Grapes and raisins (A lot of mince pies and fruit cake ingredients contain raisins)

-Nuts (Especially macadamia nuts. Many cakes and other festive treats contain nuts)

-Chocolate (Cocoa can be very harmful and cause seizures, vomiting and an increased heart rate)

-Nutmeg (Is commonly found in cakes, hot drinks, preserves, soups and can be used to baste poultry. It can affect the nervous system of canines)

-Onions and garlic (For cats and dogs this can be very harmful, it can cause anaemia. Stuffing often contains both ingredients)

The foods we have listed pose potential risk to our pets so please be careful, as what we think is delicious, our best friends may not.


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