What we believe in at Amity Vets

Friendly relations.

It is not what we do but how we do it…

At Amity Veterinary Care, we pride ourselves in forging long lasting meaningful relationships with you, the pet owner. We treat you like our friend, someone whom we want and choose to help, in providing the best care for your pets, your friends. We understand how important your pets are to you. We are here to provide you a comprehensive veterinary service with a personal touch.

We understand when you bring your beloved pet to us, you are bringing unique individuals with unique circumstances hence we aim to provide a bespoke service where all treatments will be tailored to you and your pet’s specific needs, requirements and wishes, without compromising on care and welfare.

We look forward to working with you in providing the best veterinary care to enable a long, fulfilling and healthy relationship between you and your pet.

That is who we are.

Not all practices are the same…

Come and feel the difference.

Professionalism.  Education.  Innovation.


The key to Quality and Efficiency is professionalism.
Everyone has a different part to play in this practice, no one part or job is more important than the other. Not only does our staff undergo meticulous and detailed training from experts and professionals, they are also expected to exhibit the personality and behaviour that allows them to perform their job the best way they can.


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” – Chinese Proverb

In this chosen profession of ours, teaching and learning is occurring constantly.
We learn from owners regarding their pet’s behaviour and quirks at home, in return, we educate them regarding the health of their pets. Learning from owners will always remain important, in some cases, even crucial to be able to treat their pets effectively. There is no point prescribing tablets if the owner is not able to give them to his/her pet!

We believe that knowledge is best shared between work colleagues as well, to enable a consistent good product to be produced by anyone who works at Amity Veterinary Care. Mondays are dedicated to administrative duties including staff training.


Change is inevitable. Veterinary medicine is continually changing with times. Clients’ needs, expectations and perceptions evolve constantly.

At Amity Veterinary Care, we understand the need to modify and innovate to stay current on how we treat animals and address the clients’ needs. Here are a few of our innovations…

Our Amity App allows clients to request for appointments 24/7, receive updates and newsletters from the practice, stores reminders for their pet’s vaccinations, wormers, flea/tick treatment and so much more.

Our practice environment is designed to be as comfortable and with as minimal marketing as possible to reduce a “sales pitch” to it. The aim was to create an environment such that it was conducive and comfortable for both owners and pets to come visit while receiving an extremely high level of care with a personal touch.

We provide our own brand of food made from the highest quality of ingredients that can be delivered to your door within 48 hours if desired.

To regain your pet’s health as quickly and as conveniently as possible for a fair price.

Family matters.

We believe in promoting preventative health care to ensure your pet gets the best chance to remain healthy.

However, should your pet unfortunately become ill, expect nothing less than excellence through diligence in diagnosis and treatment, above all, you can certainly rely on a friendly face and a personalised service from us.

We encourage your pet to be insured so finances need not be a deciding factor for which treatment options to choose when required.

At Amity Veterinary Care, we are so confident of the level of our services that it comes with a guarantee.

Care has been taken meticulously to ensure that your experience with us is and remains pleasant, personal, professional, upholding our ethos and core values.

Should you be dissatisfied in any way, please inform us so we can attempt to remedy and resolve the situation.