What happens when…❓
Here at Amity we have visiting consultants in orthopaedic surgery, who are trained to assess
and treat problems that develop in the bones, joints, and ligaments.☠
This type of surgery addresses and attempts to correct problems that arise in the skeletal
system and its attachments to ligaments and tendons.
Much of the work of an orthopaedic surgeon does involves adding screws, wires or/and pins
to hold damaged bones in their proper alignment, or to replace damaged bone or connective
Rehabilitation from orthopaedic injuries can require long periods of rest, but the orthopaedic
surgeon will work closely with the team here at Amity to ensure that their beloved pet
receives treatment that will enhance their range of motion and allow return to normal function
to affected body parts.ο”§β˜Ίο”§
Family Matters.❀

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